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How Sawyertuning Products Work…

The Sawyertuning line of products, including the ST8 and ST10 work on the majority of vehicles produced since 1996. The ST9, a turbo tuner module, works on most Ecoboost and Turbocharged  Vehicles.


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The Sawyertuning Concept is Simple:
We provide the user with automated improvement of their boost and power level while remaining within a warranty friendly, plug and play device.

A brief background for those not familiar with us:
Sawyertuning has been developing and testing vehicle tuning solutions for several years. We are one of the few companies that designs and tests our own modules from the component level, using our own custom programming. We are also a trusted source of tuning solutions for some of the latest vehicles from Ford, GMC and many others.


How Sawyertuning Products Work:

The ST8 and ST10 Performance Modules plug into the factory OBD diagnostic port in the vehicle. The modules communicate with the vehicle ECU. Using our custom onboard maps, the ST8 and ST10 performance chips temporarily override specific memory locations relating to fuel consumption and performance. When the vehicle computer (ECU) requests these values, the value in the chip is used instead of the factory value. Digital microprocessor technology allows us to modify specific memory locations, while leaving other areas and functions untouched. Removing the chips immediately restores the vehicle to stock and leaves no trace once removed. Both require a break-in period of approx two weeks before max gains are realized, as the modules must gather data from the engine and adjust accordingly.

The ST9 Turbo Module plugs into the factory boost pressure sensor on the intercooler or charge pipe under the hood. It is available only for select turbocharged vehicles. It safely increases boost upon demand to improve power and response immediately. There is no learning or break-in period required. Most of today’s turbocharged vehicles utilize a wideband O2 sensor from the factory. The OEM wideband sensor has the ability to add up to an additional 30% of extra fuel to keep the engine operating safely while under higher boost. The factory Ford wideband O2 control system is an immediate reaction control system, so there is no chance for lean conditions as fuel ratios are adjusted in mere milliseconds. Most turbocharged vehicles also utilize a very robust spark knock solution. The OE spark knock system is always looking for pre-ignition, and the OE knock sensor will trim the spark to match the optimum combustion characteristics. The knock sensors will automatically adjust for lower octane fuel. Just like the Wideband O2 control system, there’s an immediate reaction once knock is sensed and spark adjustments are made in just milliseconds.

The Maxx Boost module plugs into the wiring harness on your accelerator pedal. It delivers instant gains and safely increases performance, removing lag and delivering faster throttle response and power. It works by processing the digital accelerator pedal signal and modifying it before it is sent back to the vehicle computer. In this way, the output pedal signal more accurately reflects the position of the gas pedal, giving you more response and pickup. The module is smart and will adjust to your driving style. Once removed, it leaves no trace.


What You Should Know:

Sawyertuning Products are a warranty friendly way to add additional performance and power to your vehicle!  They are also compatible with most other performance upgrades on the market. The ST9PRO module, can be used together with the ST8 or ST10 module concurrently for maximum gains. All our products are equipped with power saving technology, or sleep mode. Unlike the competition, our modules go into low power mode when the vehicle is turned off, ensuring you will never see a dead battery from one of our modules.

Sawyertuning products work as advertised. They function seamlessly with the factory control system logic and they put the additional power at the driver’s disposal when needed the most. If you want stock performance, simply remove the performance chip from the vehicle – it leaves no trace. Another great feature of Sawyertuning products is that they grow with you. If you’re worried about your warranty, this is a great starting product because it works as advertised. As your need for additional power comes along the modules can be stacked and used with additional upgrades such as cold intakes, etc. Gains from the ST9 module alone approached 19HP on a stock test vehicle. As for required fuel grades – our products are compatible with all fuel grades. Of course, best results will occur with premium fuel.

Sawyertuning products, including the ST8, ST9 and ST10 are available for most Acura, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda,  Hummer, Hyundai, Jeep, KIA, Mercedes, Mini, Nissan, Toyota, Volvo and Volkswagen applications. They can be purchased online at


About Sawyertuning – Sawyer tuning is  an industry-leader in custom late model domestic and import vehicle tuning. Sawyer Tuning brand electronic components are some of the most technologically advanced in the automotive industry and feature high-quality engineering, materials and workmanship. What makes us different? We offer safe, proven results at a much lower cost than the competition. We design and test our own products – no rebranding and no resistor hacks.


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