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The F-150 / F-250 truck series is one of the best selling and most trusted vehicles manufactured by Ford. It is a best seller worldwide and the newer generation offers the user the best of both power and fuel economy. However, this solid truck series suffers from an annoying and very common issue – sluggish acceleration / gas pedal lag. Even from the showroom floor, most users feel this powerful truck struggles to move when the accelerator pedal is pushed.


Sluggish Acceleration and How to Fix It

While technology improves in some areas, it always has downsides. In the old days, the accelerator pedal was simply attached to a cable which routed through the vehicle firewall and onto the carburetor or throttle body on the engine, which allowed the driver to adjust the engine speed directly via lever action. Today the majority of vehicles are computerized, and this physical cable has been replaced with a ‘drive by wire’, or electronic throttle circuit. Instead of being attached to a physical cable, the accelerator pedal now contains a variable resistor sensor which varies the voltage sent to the vehicle computer (ECU). The vehicle uses this signal to tell how much to rev the engine. While this new system has advantages, it also has disadvantages. One of these is the all too common ‘acceleration lag’. While the pedal is being pressed as it was in the old system, the sensor is now digital, and this digital signal sometimes makes it more difficult to accurately represent the position of the gas pedal.

How can this accelerator lag and hesitation be removed? How can you unleash the engine’s full responsiveness? Sawyer Tuning has designed the solution, the Maxx Boost Throttle Response Controller Module:


Ford F150 F250 Throttle Response Fix Maxx Boost Throttle Response Tuner
Ford F150 F250 Throttle Response Fix Maxx Boost Throttle Response Tuner


The Maxx Boost module is plug and play and installs in minutes to the accelerator pedal connector. It delivers instant gains and safely increases response, removing lag and delivering faster throttle response and power. It works by processing the digital accelerator pedal signal and modifying it before it is sent back to the vehicle computer. In this way, the output pedal signal more accurately reflects the position of the gas pedal, giving you more response and pickup. The module is smart and will adjust to your driving style. Once removed, it leaves no trace.

The Maxx Boost is stackable with other Sawyertuning products and OBD tuners, so it can be combined with our other programmers to deliver even higher gains. You can also use it with the majority of OBD tuners from other brands, so you are not locked into using SawyerTuning products with the module. It can be used by itself or together with other OBD tuners. The Maxx Boost tuner can be programmed for 2011 and newer F150, F250 and F350 trucks and is available for all engines. Each tuner is custom programmed for a specific year vehicle, assuring you will safely achieve top performance. The tuner works with all fuel grades, but best results will be realized with premium or higher octane fuels.

Want to experience top performance from your Ford F-150 but don’t want to mess with an involved installation? The Maxx Boost Throttle Accelerator Module for Ford Trucks installs in seconds to the accelerator pedal connector and is plug and play. Results are immediate and removal is just as easy.

For more information, visit the Maxx Boost product page:

Maxx Boost at

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